A Day in the Life at the Roost

How is everyone doing this week? It’s back-to-school week here in Culpeper, so I’m sure all our locals are nearing the point of exhaustion this morning.


On a personal note, Harrison started Pre-K at the elementary school on Wednesday, so it was a big week in our house. He's already earned the title of the "Mayor of Pre-K" and is proving to be just as outgoing as his parents – strangers don't stand a chance!

Now, back to business as usual…


Do you ever wonder how we spend our days here at the Roost? We often hear from customers that we look like we’re having fun at the shop, and that’s the truth! But, that fun comes with a lot of effort from the hardest working team I know.


Our #1 and favorite task is always helping you. Whether you’re gift shopping or looking for your next favorite outfit, working with you is the most fun part of our job. But beyond that, let me give you a sneak peek into our daily routine...


Since the shop is closed on Mondays, our week starts on Tuesday morning. I find Tuesdays tend to set the tone for the rest of our week. Every Tuesday morning, I sit down with both Renee and Sydney to make sure we’re all on the same page for the week ahead.

If you haven’t met her yet, Syd is the energetic brain behind our social media, the guru of our Shopify backend, and the creative force behind our promotions. As for me, I'm still perfecting the art of translating my brain's ideas into coherent words – thankfully, Syd is an excellent learner and incredibly patient.


Following that, Renee and I usually have a quick recap of the weekend and lay out our plans for the upcoming week. If you've been to the store, you already know that I'd be utterly lost without Renee. We often joke that we share a brain – both of us can be a bit scatterbrained and easily distracted by shiny objects, but together, we make it work seamlessly.

For me, the rest of the day is usually reserved for paperwork and catching up on placing orders. Then, on Tuesday afternoons, I film all of the try-ons for Thursday mornings and make sure the roll-out is ready.


From there, we usually prep incoming shipments for the next day. On Wednesdays, you can always find Jill and Tammy in the shop. These two are masters at unpacking and organizing shipments – their enthusiasm for being the first to lay eyes on new arrivals is contagious!  They joke that they are the same person and it’s always fun to watch them work together.


Behind the curtain, we have Jenna and Noelle, the dynamic duo ensuring that all our clothes are perfectly steamed and every product is priced. Their dedication ensures that everything is ready for the shop floor, and we couldn't get our products out to you without their hard work.

While we strive to keep the store looking impeccable, I'll admit that the backroom might not always reflect the same glamour. Most weeks, we receive 50+ boxes, and each box brings not only products but also packing materials and an abundance of cardboard.


Here's a fun tidbit: did you know that nearly every shipment we send out is packaged in recycled boxes and materials? We're big believers in reusing whenever possible, all in the name of reducing waste. Even our purses are stuffed with repurposed packing paper!


There's so much more that goes into our week, but I've given you the condensed version. It's always a pleasure to offer a glimpse into the inner workings that keep our shop humming along.

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