A Mother's Day Post With a Dose of Reality

After the last couple of weeks, I’m not quite sure. This Sunday is Mother’s Day, so I’m sure your inboxes are full of cheery, flowery messages. But as I sat down to write you all, I just didn’t have it in me. If I’m being completely honest (and when am I not), it’s been a long couple of weeks. The load I’ve been carrying has been pretty heavy and it started to take it’s toll on me.

BUT, as there always is, there is a positive spin to that toll. There has been a light shining through these long weeks and that light is the light of gratitude.

- Gratitude for a business that can survive and thrive even when I’m not operating at peek performance, thanks to a staff (read: family) of women who carry it through.

- Gratitude for the community that surrounds and takes care of my boys, when Chris and I have to tend to our jobs.

- Gratitude to the friends that pick up on the fact that the weight is getting heavy and ask how they can lighten my load.

- Gratitude for each and every person that chooses to walk through the door (in person or virtually) of Green Roost and spend their hard-earned dollars on supporting our dream.

- And, finally, gratitude for my boys, who I worked for many years to have. And thanks to science and a whole lot of medicine, they are here with us, giving me the drive to always keep going.

These two are the ones who made me a mom and I can't think of a better reason to celebrate. However, I acknowledge that this weekend isn't always a celebration. I've been on the flip side and struggled through several Mother's Days, so if this weekend is hard for you (for any reason), I see you and hold space for you in my heart.

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