Behind the Scenes: Market Prep Edition

I've got some exciting behind-the-scenes scoop to share with you this week. Renee and I are about to embark on our semi-annual adventure to the apparel market in Atlanta, and I thought you’d enjoy a sneak peek into the whirlwind prep that goes into this buying trip.

The first step is always the data dive. I’m a numbers-nerd at heart, so I love combing through sales figures and your feedback to see what’s been selling and what’s not. This is where I uncover the secrets to your style loves and “not-so-muches.”

Next up, I’m always on a mission to uncover new brands. This part is like treasure hunting—finding those magical pieces that blend sustainability with swoon-worthy style. Each new brand is always a fresh addition to our lineup and keeps everyone (us included) on their toes. 😉

Trend reports are my next stop. It’s like getting a sneak peek into the fashion future, where I try to decode the upcoming season's colors, patterns, and must-have styles. This is my pre-work to make sure we bring you the freshest looks for summer, fall, and winter.

Finally, come the vendor appointments. Imagine speed dating but with clothes—it’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s all about making those perfect matches for the Roost. Each meeting is a chance to find something special that will make you look and feel amazing.

I can’t wait to bring back some incredible finds from Atlanta and continue our journey of style and sustainability together.

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