Deliciously Grown Skincare

You may be wondering why there is a picture of my dogs on the headline of a post about a skincare line? I promise...I'll get to that.

When we started selling Farmhouse Fresh products over five years ago, it was because they were a company focusing on natural body care that happened to have stunningly beautiful packaging (my retail Achilles heel).  Their beautiful packaging makes their products incredibly giftable, but, as it turns out, the products inside those gorgeous boxes are amazing. My two favorites are always the Pajama Paste Yogurt Mask and the Fluffy Bunny Hand Cream. I have yet to find a mask that makes my skin feel as good as this mask, and the Fluffy bunny hand cream goes everywhere I go, because it keeps my over-washed hands moisturized and smooth.

Pajama Paste Yogurt Mask Green Roost Culpeper Virginia

I also love their transparency with ingredients. On each FarmHouse Fresh product, you'll find a tag, box or label printed with 3 things:

"1. The percentage of ingredients that are natural, or naturally derived. Each product ranges from 93-100% natural. This number is an estimate, based on raw materials in each product. In cases where we are not able to confirm whether a synthetic process was used in the production of a particular ingredient, we have erred on the side of caution, and that particular ingredient is not included in the natural percentage.

2. Paraben & Sulfate-free. We choose not to use parabens and sulfates. Sulfates can dry out skin and cause extra irritations for people with eczema. Parabens have been debated for quite some time. Although dermatologists generally prefer to use them (particularly to keep mold from growing in facial products that can come into contact with your eyes), and many dermatologists cite sound studies showing parabens are safe to use, there are plenty of alternative preservatives that are effective and that meet the demand from our customers to avoid using parabens.

3. Vegan or Gluten-Free & Cruelty Free. 99% of our products are vegan or gluten-free. We are strict in our use of the term vegan. Even if a bee naturally makes honey, and honey is in the product, that product is not considered vegan." 

All this information leaves you with little or no questions about the quality of products you're putting on your skin.

As if my love affair with FHF wasn't big enough, now, I'm even more proud to say we partner with them because they've chosen to give back to one of my favorite causes...rescue animals.

Max & Miley Green Roost Culpeper Virginia Boutique

For those that don't know, I'm the mama to 3 rescued fur babies. 5 years ago, Chris and I rescued Max and Miley (pictured above), our lovable twin mutts, and we have been treating them like human babies ever since. And then there is "the cat" (pictured below), who thinks she is the queen of everyone in the house. She walked into our lives 3 years ago and turned two self-proclaimed cat-haters into two people who would do anything for that 7lb ball of fur.

Cat Green Roost Culpeper Virginia Boutique

I am passionate about the idea of adopting animals in any form and I love that Farmhouse Fresh shares in that passion to save something furry. In their own words, "at our FarmHouse Fresh Ranch, we dedicate Team hours toward our own animal rescues and funding to help local rescue groups save forgotten and abused animals. Every purchase you make from FarmHouse Fresh helps us help them."

Dog bed Fairy Book Green Roost Culpeper Virginia

Sometimes, being in business isn't always about making money. Sometimes, it's about having the ability to give back to something you believe in. Selling the Farmhouse Fresh book, Is it True, They Call You the Dog Bed Fairy?, is a prime example of that. In all honestly, I don't make a dime when I sell these books, but I do get the warm and fuzzy reward of knowing that FHF donates $7 of each book purchase to buy beautiful, durable, washable dog beds to shelters across the US. Who could argue with that?

Our relationship with this wonderful company will continue for years to come. Not only are they making quality, natural skincare, but they're helping all our furry friends, which, in my opinion, is a truly noble cause. 


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