I’m sharing my #1 favorite travel hack ✈️

It’s almost impossible to believe that I’m sending you this email from the seat of an airplane. Technology is crazy, man.


I’m currently en route to my week-long retreat in Bali, and since this email is coming from my phone and not my laptop, it will be short and sweet.

Thankfully, I was able to spend some time with one of my favorite people before my 34-hour journey to Indonesia began.  Renee was generous enough to offer to drop me off at the airport, saving me the hassle of the dreaded airport parking lot.


Fun fact: I LOVE flying. My favorite travel companion will always be Chris, but believe it or not, I don’t mind traveling alone (just like I don’t mind eating alone…strange?).

One thing I love almost as much as I love flying is track hacking. I follow countless Instagram accounts that help me in my goals to travel in style…for as little as possible.  My absolute favorite follow is @adventure_parks , who always inspire me to “take the trip”! I highly recommend checking them out.


Not sure what travel hacking is? It’s the art of traveling (preferably upgraded), without spending a fortune.


For instance, thanks to my favorite American Express card, I am lucky enough to be taking this journey in business class. I’m currently in one of the coveted Q Suites on Qatar Airways and it’s as good as you could imagine.

a woman standing next to a dress on a mannequin

While writing you, I’m enjoying an aperol spritz  and watching one of my top 3 favorite movies, Crazy Rich Asians (how appropriate. Lolz).


Before you decide to hate me, let me explain…


I was able to use my AMEX points to pay for this incredible flight and was only responsible for the taxes and fees (less than $1k…and cheaper than if I had purchased an economy ticket outright).  


But, it was only possible because of a travel hack. I transferred my points to British Airways Avios and then booked a Qatar flight through BA. This transfer allowed me to book the flight using 1/5 the amount of points I would have used had I booked through AMEX directly.

This particular AMEX card has helped me earn all the points to book trips like this (plus it has a slew of other travel perks). If you apply through my referral link HERE, you start with a 150k point bonus, which is almost enough to book this flight. (Full disclosure: I get some bonus points if you sign up, too.)


I swear, I’m not trying to sell you a credit card…I just get such a kick out of finding travel deals and not spending too dollar for these experiences. Plus, I love sharing these tips and tricks with you!  

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