Never did I think I would be doing this...

I mean this with all sincerity, how are you this week? I really want to know. Personally, in this season of life, I'm fluctuating between the joys that both parenthood and business-ownership bring and the feeling like I'm drowning in those same two things. Anyone else?


The reason I decided to go real deep there is to preface this week's email, where I'm going to touch on how I turned something that used to make me physically nauseous into one of my favorite weekly activities.

If you follow us on either Instagram or Facebook, then you *hopefully* know that every Thursday morning we drop all our new clothing arrivals and I hop into stories and try everything on.


I do that for several reasons...

1) I always find it helpful to see clothes on a real body as opposed to a picture or hanger.

2) Every brand/style/fit is different, and I hope it helps you grasp what size/fit you need to order.

3) It allows me to really know and understand every piece of clothing in our store. That way, when you ask me to find the perfect piece for you or someone you're buying for, my answer comes from a genuine place of understanding.

Per usual, I'm going to be real with you...the thought of filming these try-ons used to make me sick. This time last year, I would have to sike myself up before going into the fitting room and would fret about the tiniest things like how I look and worry about the annoying tone of my own voice.


Thankfully, I've worked through that.


I've done a complete 180 and now actually look forward to my weekly fitting room sessions with my phone. They have invertedly become a form of therapy. Isn't it amazing how you can change the narrative in your own head?

The funny thing I've found is by facing my fear of putting myself out there and forcing myself to do it every week, I've become much more confident and comfortable in front of the lens.


Also, I can assure you, what you see is as real as it gets. It's always a first take, which is why I don't edit out when I stumbled over my words or do a shotty job with the camera angle. I want you to always see the real-life version of these try-ons, not just the highlights.

Let's be real, I'm no Tony Robbins. I'm also not a therapist (even though I do have degree in psychology from UVA. lolz to that.). But, I've found that when I put myself out there, it may help someone struggling with the same problem.


I'm sure there aren't many of you with the *exact* same situation, but I'm hoping admitting to facing my fear may help you face your own.


If you've never hopped into our stories on Instagram or Facebook, I invite you to check them out. You'll get to see a first look at new clothes, hear some terrible jokes and get a whole lot of real-life Kelsey.

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