Never Say Never

I have to pinch myself to believe I’m writing you from half way around the world right now. If you’ve been following my adventure in Bali over on Insta, you know this trip has been nothing short of life-changing.


Fun fact about Kelsey…did you know I’ve always said I would never travel to Asia. Never?! What a harsh, definitive word to use.


I try to live a “never say never” life, but here I was writing off an entire continent. A beautiful, culturally-rich, exciting continent. I stand corrected, and then fell down the rabbit hole of all of my previous “nevers”…

Believe it or not, at one point in my life I said I would “never live in Culpeper”. Can you imagine?


That never would have prevented me from meeting my husband and growing our family. It would have stopped me from finding my life as an entrepreneur. And it wouldn’t have allowed me to build the beautiful community we’ve built at Green Roost.


I was so focused on the life I thought I wanted to lead in the big city, that I ruled out any other possibility. Thank goodness for flexibility (and persistent family members).

Have you ever “never"ed something and then later realized you shouldn’t have ruled it out?


I’m thankful that the universe doesn’t always let us make these decisions on our own. But at the same time, I still try to keep my “never” statements to a minimum.

a woman standing next to a dress on a mannequin

Ok, now that I’ve given you my deep insight for the morning, back to Bali… ;)


The single best result of this trip has been the connections I’ve made with the other women in my group. We aren’t all retailers. Amazingly enough, we aren’t all even in the retail industry. But, we are all impact-driven entrepreneurs. In other words, these are my people.

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