Revamped and Ready for You!

I’m writing you this week from one of my favorite places, New York City. This trip is an annual pilgrimage I make with my aunt and cousins to eat, rest and, most importantly, see a couple shows (shoutout to all my fellow lovers of Broadway *jazz hands*).

My paternal family is from New York, so it’s only natural that I have a deep love of the city. Considering I was born and raised in rural Virginia, it’s amazing how comfortable I’ve always been surrounded by the pavement, noise and buildings of the Big Apple.


We've only been here for about 3 hours and already made a stop at NY Pizza Suprema for legit New York pizza (highly recommend...but only if you want to ruin all other pizza for the rest of your life). Many more adventures to come...

Anyway, if you’ve been following along on social media this week, you’ve been watching the transformation of our bathroom (now upgraded bathroom/fitting room) and redesign of the shop layout.

These redesigns are such an important part of what we do because they keep the store fresh for both you and for us. I never want you to feel like the store is getting stale, so we make it a priority to reimagine our displays on a weekly basis. We certainly don’t do a total store flip like this each week, but we try to freshen displays on a regular basis.

As we grow and evolve, it also becomes necessary to rework the flow of the shop. In this instance, since we are bringing in more clothing, we have been adding new racks. As we did that, the store naturally became a bit disjointed, so Renee and I sat down last week and developed a plan to change the layout and improve your shopping experience.

However, the focus of this email is not about the new layout. It’s actually about the powerhouse team of women that made it happen.

When you’re an entrepreneur, the focus of your marketing tends to be about yourself, but that mainly stems from the fact that I’m the one who has the camera and runs the social media, so sometimes it’s just the easiest solution. The reality is, it’s not just me… I am only as strong as the team of women who I work with. There quite literally would not be a Green Roost without them. When you see things like product releases, try-ons, new displays, and sales, they are all driven by the behind-the-scenes team.

For instance, on Thursday mornings when you watch me try on the weekly new arrivals, what you’re not seeing is Renee receiving the new items, adding them to our inventory, making sure they’re ready to be debuted and finding a place in the shop for them to fit. You’re also not seeing Jill and Tammy unpacking, tagging, hanging and organizing the clothes by release date. And you don’t see Jenna spending hours upon hours steaming all the beautiful clothes and prepping the dressing room for me to film.

These ladies are just a few that make up our incredible team (note to self: I'm now realizing I don't have pictures of everyone and need to work on that). Our staff of 10 is an incredible group, and each woman wears many hats: mom, teacher, student, business owner, friend and more. Without them, I wouldn’t survive the roller coaster that is small business ownership. I don’t tell them enough, but I am forever grateful for their dedication, worth ethic, and the joy they bring to the Roost.

On that happy note, I hope you’ll pop in and see the ladies this weekend while I’m away. They will take the best care of you, just as they always do.

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