This is my most vulnerable blog yet.

It was April of 2022, and I looked across the couch at my first business coach, about to reveal something I carried with a lot of shame.

My palms were sweating, my hands were shaking, but I was motivated in this moment to share because I knew other women were experiencing these same feelings. My heart was racing as I spoke the words because, for years, I had maintained the facade of being confident in my skin.

We had just worked through a plan to pivot my business into becoming more of a boutique and increasing the amount of clothes we offered. This was scary not only because of the financial investment it represented but more so because of a roadblock I couldn’t seem to get around.

Voice shaking, I revealed to her my biggest, most vulnerable fear: "What if my customers won’t trust my authority in fashion because I’m overweight?"

That’s when she looked across the couch and said firmly, “They will trust you, and they want to hear from you.” And I believed her.

That night, I sat in my hotel room and placed an apparel order that would become the official first set of Thursday try-ons.

I felt as if I had been given permission to realize that the size of my body is actually the least interesting thing about me. And regardless of my size, I both love and understand fashion.

I realize that so many people have lived a similar experience in Green Roost. Maybe your body has changed, and you haven’t felt comfortable trying on new clothes, or perhaps you’ve been scared to walk into a boutique because you hold the fear that nothing will work for you.

As the face of the store, I feel like I have been called to speak up. I’ve also heard and understood you when you’ve expressed your worry when you stop by and don’t see me in the shop. So, I’m trying something new this summer. I am setting a schedule where I will be in the shop and on the floor, so you can work one-on-one with me.

Starting in July, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (with the exception of a family getaway), you can walk through the doors, and I will be here—Kelsey, the woman who sat on the couch across from my coach and said, “These are my fears.” I want you to know I’m a very real person who faces real fears often. I hold that space for you and look forward to walking alongside you in the journey of navigating your confidence and style.

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