Unveiling Our New Look & Exclusive Louenhide Collection!

Are you all ready for my big surprise?!? Well, I lied…I actually have TWO surprises!

First up, after 4 years of the Green Roost online store doing its thing, it's getting a makeover! Drumroll, please... introducing the fresh and fab shopgreenroost.com!

Back in 2020, amidst the chaos and with a 6-month-old in tow, I launched our online presence out of sheer necessity. I'm no design expert, but that little store became our resilient "engine that could." Fast forward to now, and I've given it a complete overhaul. It's clean, bright, and everything I envisioned.

That being said, I am a real person, who is not an expert, so if you spot a hiccup or have suggestions, hit reply—I'm all ears!

Exciting surprise number two:

If you click onto our homepage, you’ll see we are debuting a brand new collection of bags from Louenhide. You've been asking for another vegan leather bag line, and I've found the perfect fit. This Australian brand brings timeless, affordable bags with a sustainability vision that aligns perfectly with the Roost. I know you’re going to absolutely love this line!

I hope my hype matches the excitement of my surprises and I hope you love the new look of our website.



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