Warning: exciting news inside!

First off, I want to kick off this week’s email with what is probably my favorite emotion… gratitude. Thank you for making this past Saturday an absolute blast as we celebrated our store's 15th birthday! Your love and support made it an unforgettable day, and I can't express how grateful I am to have such an amazing community by my side.

Cheers to this crew of women (below), who allow Green Roost to run like a well-oiled machine! I literally couldn’t do it without them.

If you’ve been following along on our Insta page this week, you already know that I was in Charlottesville with my Mastermind. Not sure what a mastermind is? I’m happy to share…

The internet says: A mastermind is essentially a small group of people (in my case, 16 members) who share the same values, come from similar backgrounds, or have the same goal in mind. The purpose of the mastermind is to provide peer support, brainstorm ideas, and offer a safe space for communication.

My Kelsey-version is: a mastermind is the community that has lifts me up in both business and in life.

I am in year two of my mastermind and find myself so grateful for the group curated by our coach, Emily Grey. Even though we have all only known each other for a relatively short amount of time, we have formed a bond that will last a lifetime. Three of the women in my group even made the trek (from North Carolina, Michigan, and Texas!) to support me in celebrating the store’s birthday this past weekend!

In a nutshell, our retreat looked like this: A bunch of passionate, like-minded souls coming together, sharing stories and lifting each other to new heights. As cliché as it sounds, that was our experience at the retreat, and it was nothing short of a game-changer. We all put in three days of teaching, learning, and sharing and came out feeling motivated and energized.

This group has  totally shaken up my entrepreneur game.

Here's the plot twist: I’ve been working quietly behind the scenes on building a brand-new community for small-town retailers! Now, picture this: You, fearless and empowered, charting your course with confidence. Let's embark on this journey together!

I can’t wait to share this new adventure with you!

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