We're back up and running!

As with most things, when one aspect of your life starts going really well, you sometimes unknowingly neglect other parts. Well, the same situation is applicable in business.


In our case, we've really ramped up our offerings in apparel the past six months...and you all have really seemed to love it! In a nutshell, when you get excited, I get excited; so, it's fitting that I've been talking a lot about the "boutique side" of the store. But that does not mean I still don't love and nurture the "gift side". Gifts are where we started and they still hold an important role at the Roost, therefore, this email is dedicated to them...

Let's start with the small, yet mighty Little Notes by E. Frances.


Little Notes are one of our wildly popular best sellers! Each box contains 85 sweet little notecards, cozily boxed together for you to use unsparingly. Perfect to use as lunch box notes, gift toppers, place cards, gentle reminders and a million more uses.


They unassumingly sit on our counter, but always seem to strike up a conversation about how we love to use them.

We also still love bragging about the Roost Pantry. This is one of our pandemic-silver-linings, in that we decided to introduce food during a time when most of us were sitting at home...eating.


Last month, we quietly dropped a new line, and now is the perfect opportunity to introduce you to them. Finch + Fennel is a curated collection of unique culinary items including spice blends, mustards, dips, salts and sauces.


Right now, my favs are a toss up between the Lemon Dill + Caper Horseradish Dip or the Champagne Honey Mustard.


Honestly, food is one of my favorite types of gifts. It's perfect for the person who has everything and wants nothing, because we all still love to eat.

Since we opened, candles have been one of our top-selling categories. We still sell favorites, like Volcano, and we are always introducing new brands, like LAFCO.


We introduced LAFCO to our mix last month and they were an immediate hit. Their products embody our belief that quality, craftsmanship, and conscience are essential ingredients of luxury.


Besides their incredibly mixed scents, they may be the most beautiful candles we've ever sold. Their vessels are hand-blown in some of the most prestigious glass blowing factories around the world. Each distinctive piece is created by layering colored pigments in the glassblowing technique. Their glass is created in a range of tones and transparencies, resulting in a radiant shimmer of hues that reflect and refract the light of the candle flame.


We call these the gift that keeps giving, because when you're done burning the candles, you have a beautiful piece of glass art to use as a vase, home décor accent and more.

Last but not least are our skincare offerings. Sometimes these are gifts for others and sometimes they are gifts to ourselves, but either way you know they're quality products that will make you feel beautiful inside and out.


At the top of this list is Farmhouse Fresh, which we have been carrying for over a decade. FHF is organic and natural skincare, grown fresh daily and served farm-to-table style through boutiques and spas. Plus, they are women owned, cruelty-free, and they use profits to help fund, rescue, and rehabilitate abused animals.


Incredible skincare + animal rescue is about as good as it gets. Right now, I'm living by these 3 FHF products: Make It Melt Cleansing Balm, Sunny Dippin' Foaming Body Polish and Smooth Reveal Resurfacing Silky Serum.


Finally, I just want to quickly send a shout out to all of you, whether it be in person or via email, that have sent kind words about these emails. When they began, I was so unsure about sending out my weekly musings, but I can honestly say that I really look forward to this time each week. Thank you for sticking with me.

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