When life gives you lemons 🍋

I'm sure you will agree that we all experience challenges and setbacks in life that can leave us feeling discouraged and defeated. But what if we could transform those sour moments into something sweet? As cheesy as it sounds, that's the power of making lemonade out of lemons. 

There is something to say about the ability to reframe your mindset and find the silver lining in difficult situations. By embracing the power of positive thinking and taking proactive steps, you can turn setbacks into opportunities for growth.

Whether you're facing a personal or professional setback, you always have the opportunity to shift your perspective and find a new sense of hope and purpose. So grab a glass of lemonade and let's dive in...

If you read last week's email, you know that last weekend I embarked on my yearly journey with my Aunt Chris and cousins, Alyssa and Brigette, to New York.


This tradition holds a special place in my heart, as it's a rare opportunity for the four of us to spend an extended period of time together. Our time in the city was filled with delightful culinary experiences and memorable Broadway performances, which only added to our ever-expanding list of must-see shows.


Except this year's trip was flanked with two mishaps that in most cases could ruin a getaway...

During the first day of our trip, I woke up to discover that I had contracted pink eye in both eyes. Being a momma to toddlers, I recognized the symptoms immediately and visited a Minute Clinic to have my condition confirmed. Despite being unable to wear eye makeup for the rest of the trip, which was a bit of a blow since I rarely leave the house without mascara, the condition did not slow us down.

However, on the last day of the trip, I unfortunately fell ill with food poisoning, causing me to remain an additional day as I was in no shape to fly. Without going into too much detail about my experience, I can say with certainty that I won't be eating red meat again for quite some time.

Fortunately, I was able to shift my perspective and see a positive outlook on the trip.

-I was still able to spend a wonderful weekend in the company of some of my favorite people.
-Before “the incident”, we were able to explore some fantastic new restaurants and revisit some beloved spots in New York.
-We were able to witness outstanding performances of both Funny Girl and Sweeney Todd, featuring exceptional casts.
-To top it off, my Aunt Chris had an unexpected encounter with one of her all-time idols, Barry Manilow!

I realize this email is not exactly the Green Roost email you were expecting, but here's where I bring it all together...


This positive outlook on life applies to all things, including business. For instance, when COVID cause my store to shut down operations for over eight weeks in 2020, we pivoted our operations and created the online store you know and love today. Or when our single biggest brand partner started to lose momentum and fall off-trend, we sought out to find new and exciting ways to keep you interested in the Roost.


Discovering a silver lining in all situations can be extremely beneficial. So much of life revolves around your capacity to step back and find the positives in any circumstance. Although it's not always present, or can be challenging to uncover, it's worth making an effort to try.

Thanks for listening to my TED talk today ;)

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