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Sunshine Lemon Goat Milk Soap Bar
This ultra-hydrating, foamy bar soap is infused with goat milk prebiotic to deeply cleanse and moisturize skin, and enriched with a fresh burst of Meyer lemon, lime, rosemary, and jasmine to leave skin brightly fragranced.  9oz.
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All-Over Wash


  • 3oz
  • 10oz
This multipurpose, sulfate-free wash provides a rich lather to eliminate dirt and sweat without stripping skin and hair of essential moisture that keeps them looking healthy. 10oz or 3oz tube Jojoba Protein: Provides water-binding properties that help maintain moisture in skin...
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Coconut Milk Bar Soap
Our 5oz bar soap is made by hand in small batches. It is cleansing, moisturizing and lovely to use from hair to toes. Our soap has a gentle, creamy lather that is great for shaving, bathing, hands and faces. Coconut...
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Coastal Calm Bar Soap
Our 5oz bar soap is made by hand in small batches. It is cleansing, moisturizing and lovely to use from hair to toes. Our soap has a gentle, creamy lather that is great for shaving, bathing, hands and faces. Coastal...
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Luxury Vegan Soap - Fresh & Clean
With a name like Fresh & Clean, a soap must deliver; we’re happy to say that this one is superb. Among more than a dozen dazzling natural aromas and ingredients, Fresh & Clean offers a light, fluffy lather scented with...
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Volcano Body Wash
This moisture-rich Volcano Body Wash is nourishing and will keep your skin soft and supple to the touch. It lathers and foams, leaving you squeaky clean with hydrating plant-based glycerin and your favorite sugared citrus fragrance! Massage into we skin...
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Turbo Wash® Energizing Cleanser
This dual-purpose, sulfate-free body and hair cleanser washes away dirt and sweat without overdrying, leaving the entire body feeling revitalized for peak performance. Rosemary and Eucalyptus offer a cool, refreshing aroma to energize the senses, while the soothing properties of...
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Coconut Bikini Bar Soap
A cleansing and moisturizing bar soap made with olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. This soap is gentle enough to use every day.Coconut Bikini — sweet, creamy, tropical luscious coconut with hints of warm vanilla and exotic muskSun-drenched sand...
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Charcoal Detox Face Wash
Charcoal Detox Face Wash* joins a citrusy bouquet of authentic lime and tangerine with a rich lavender infusion, awakening your senses while keeping problem-skin freshly scrubbed. This half-bar of beautifully marbled dark blue-grays is as functional as it is elegant....
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Finchberry Vegan Lavender Soap Green Roost Culpeper Virginia Boutique
Ever-calming lavender and vanilla aromas make for this fantastic never-fail soap. Crowned in gold and marbled in smooth purples and pale greens, Sweet Dreams manages to suds, soap up, and soothe even the most agitated of bodies and minds; cool...
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Finchberry Handmade Vegan Rose Soap Green Roost Culpeper Virginia Boutique
Rosey Posey exceeds the expectations of a soap designed to mimic the soft caress and dreamlike aroma of freshly-cut roses: With glittered red and pink petal curls tucked amid real Moroccan rose buds, Rosey Posey doesn’t just carry the scent...
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Finchberry Vegan Soap Green Roost Culpeper Virginia Boutique
Bring your nose to the decorative honeycomb moulding that tops this soap and you’ll be met with (you guessed it) the low, sweet scent of honey. Add a dark whisper of bitter almond and Renegade Honey readily envelopes the airways,...
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Finchberry Handmade Vegan Cranberry Soap Green Roost Culpeper Virginia Boutique
The fresh bouquet of this soap is made from a crisp blend of cranberry and apple woven into hints of blackberry. And while Cranberry Chutney might appear as a designer birthday cake, layered in pinks and topped with sparkling whipped...
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Honey & Oats Goat Milk Scrub Bar
Skin Softening FormulaBig Bar - We're kinda famous for our honey, and we've preached for years about how great it is for your skin. We haven't talked much about oatmeal...but it's great for skin too, and helps scrub away dry...
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Pure Goat Milk Bar Soap
Fragrance Free Formula, Packed with goat milk. Packed with rich creamy goat milk, this is one of our most moisturizing bars. Jojoba enriched foaming goat milk bath bar hydrates & renews. Fragrance free and safe for sensitive skin.Like all our soaps &...
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