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Award-winning men's fragrance and grooming products. Innovative, travel-friendly solid cologne and easy-to-use men's skincare made with high-quality ingredients.



Mahana Solid Cologne
A bright, refreshing blend of Pomelo, Coriander, and Green Leaves Mahana is inspired by the hike to Papakolea, a green sand beach near the Southern-most point of the Big Island of Hawaii. Getting to the beach isn’t easy. It starts with a long drive through...
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F&R Face Wash
Take care of your face. Everyday.There's no need to overcomplicate things. Keep your face clear of dirt and oil without overdrying, and the rest takes care of itself.F&R Face Wash is designed to cleanse and condition your skin, leaving it...
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Perpetua Solid Cologne
On the coast of Oregon, 800 feet above the crashing ocean waves below, is the peak of Cape Perpetua. Though heavily forested with enormous evergreens, openings provide miles-long views of the ocean and its jagged coast. While the beauty of...
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